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WS4: Photonic technologies and programmability for scalable efficient optical networks: actual enablers or next challenges towards supporting future connectivity?
This workshop aims at exploring the role of novel and advanced photonic devices and technologies, their programmability and readiness level for an efficient integration and exploitation in flexible, scalable and agile optical networks. What are the most promising technological solutions? Are they mature enough to allow cost, power consumption and footprint reduction, while targeting current and future network requirements? Are they network segment specific? Can they find application in dynamic ultra-high-capacity metro networks? Can they be tailored for both Telecom and Datacom and/or for facilitating convergence of inter- and intra-DC networks? What are the envisioned/expected future developments? What are the next technological challenges to support future optical networks in our hyperconnected society?

Also the workshop will investigate the programmability of photonic solutions, inquiring if a synergy of novel/advanced technologies and automated adaptive virtualized infrastructures is a viable solution to address future challenges or represents a challenge itself. What are the limitations and/or the critical issues for photonics programmability and for enabling novel and multidimensional optical network architectures? How to include novel/multiple dimensions? How should optical networks exploiting and integrating novel photonic technology solutions be (re)-designed? What are the suitable control and management platform/infrastructures? How could open and highly programmable HW and SW be envisioned/developed/implemented?

Our experts from Industry and Academia share their viewpoints and latest results to offer answers, ideas and disruptive approaches to be discussed in an exciting debate with the audience.

Organizers: Michela Svaluto Moreolo (CTTC); Juan Pedro Fernandez-Palacios (Telefonica Global CTO)

May 18, 2020 11:15 AM in Madrid

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