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Change Your Culture Series: Uncover and Craft Your Worship Ministry's Vision, Values, & Expectations

Mission, vision, purpose, policies...most of the time, these are forgotten words that live in unread documents.

Occasionally we'll plaster them on a wall somewhere.

No more of that.

During this three-part series, you're going to learn how to craft your vision and values in a way that gets remembered—and LIVED OUT.

We'll also dive into how we can create—and require—real expectations and policies.

And all of this leads to shaping the culture of your worship team.

Week 1 (April 30):
Change Your Culture, Part 1: Your Worship Ministry's North Star
(Write Your Mission So It Gets Remembered)

I'm going to help you craft a memorable mission statement that actually guides your leadership and leads your team—and gets remembered!

Week 2: (May 7)
Change Your Culture, Part 2: Values That Get Remembered By Every Team Member
(Write Real Values That Drive Real Change)

Team values are critical. But most of the time, they're a laundry list of good things that we feel obligated to add. How can you make your values memorable, but more importantly, actionable? We want to live them out.

Week 3: (May 14)
Change Your Culture, Part 3: Expectations That Shape Behavior & Change Culture
(Write Policies, Guidelines, & Expectations That Get Followed)

"I love crafting, communicating, and enforcing expectations, policies, and guidelines to my team." Said no worship leader. Ever.

But policies, expectations, and guidelines are critical to not only make the ministry run well, but also to shape the culture of the team. You'll learn how to create expectations that your team follows.
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