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Psychedelic Integration Circle with Tam Integration
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Online Psychedelic Integration Circle

Psychedelic integration circles can be a remarkable space to meet with like-minded people. We all bring a piece of the puzzle, and sharing our experiences allows us all to grow. Simply by being present and being ourselves, we realize that we have so much to offer. Coming together in a spirited way to unpack beautiful, insightful, terrifying, confusing, and magical experiences. We get a chance to raise the vibration and the quality of connection for us, the community, and the world.

Mt. Tam’s Integration Circles and Educational events seek to be a welcoming space for people who want to discuss entheogenic use in a healthy way, for psychological healing and spiritual growth.

When we have an intense or profound psychedelic experience, it can be hard to describe, especially when we don’t have anyone to talk about it with. Giving voice to our experience with like-minded people can enable us to put things in perspective, gain new insight, and find a resolution.

By listening to other’s experiences, we can learn about how they try to ensure safe and healthy use, gathering a collection of tools and best practices.

Our Circles give people an opportunity to meditate together, share their stories, ask questions, give and receive feedback. We are excited to hear all of your voices and look forward to learning from all of you.

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