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#AH - Making the Jump from A to B Corp
One of the most popular items on an agency wish list is to become a B Corp.

To make the transition as stress-free as possible, Tom Wilford co-created Gainly, a platform that equips agency leaders with all the right tools and insights to make the dream a reality.

“Our platform helps agencies become B Corps by guiding them through the process,” he says. “For many companies, the B Corp assessment can be confusing and take a lot of internal time to figure out where, and how, you need improve your score in the assessment. We help simplify that for companies and make it easy to keep improving your score into the future.

To become a B Corp, a business needs to score a minimum of 80 points out of a possible 200 in five different areas across governance, workers, community, environment and your customers - most companies only score around 50.

As the process takes up so much of the time, Tom’s platform does the groundwork for you.

“What we do is take your initial score and do a gap analysis of where your points are and what tasks you need to do. Then we make it simple for you to understand. This could be changing your password management process, introducing a new policy, or creating a new supplier assessment framework,” explains Tom.

“We provide all the documentation and templates, so you have a personal roadmap.”

And with B Corps growing on average 28 times faster than the national economic growth, it’s definitely something to consider.

“Becoming a B Corp means there’s a better way for your business to be structured, and a better way you can actually focus, not just on profit, but on people and the planet. They call it the triple bottom line,” says Tom. “Not only do you become a business that’s a force for good, but for agencies this means you look more attractive to employees and have an advantage when it comes to winning new business.”

Come along and find out more about how your agency can start the journey along the B Corp path, and how Tom’s platform can help.

Jun 22, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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