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Ashtanga Basic with Martina
Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic method of Yoga that involves synchronizing the movement of the body with a breathing technique known as Ujjayi Breath (breathing with sound) and the use of internal locks or Bandhas. This approach – the combination of the breathing, the use of internal locks (bandhas), as the practitioner moves dynamically through a series of postures (asana), is understood to activate internal heat which purifies the body’s internal organs & nervous system. The Primary Series also known as Yoga Chikitsa - which means yoga therapy is intended to detoxify and align the body, increase flexibility, develop strength and build stamina.

This is a beginner level Ashtanga class, suitable for new students as well as more advance ones. You can expect a traditional sequence until Janu Sirsasana, slightly modified in vinyasa counts to ensure stability of the breathing aspect, correct alignment of postures as well as the action of combining the breath with the movement.

Jul 26, 2022 06:30 PM in Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb