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Confession of a CEO - It’s a struggle hiring a salesperson
I want to grow my business but this requires a combination of increasing my client base and increasing the amount of work my current clients provide. My other responsibilities exclude the possibility of doing all of the sales work myself. Therefore, I need a sales person or persons.

I’ve hired sales people before but have not found one that has worked out. Talking to other business owners, it seems I’m not alone. I’ve been told it is best to hire an experienced person. A good salesperson can sell any product or service. I’ve talked to others that say that it is best to hire or promote a person who knows the industry and clients and provide sales training. And everything in between. Is there a right answer?

In this group discussion, I would like to share my experiences and hear yours. There is no one magic formula that will work for every company but, by listening to the successes and failure of other Elia members, each of us can adjust our approach to finding the right sales person.
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