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LabStorm #182 - Catholic Charities of Louisville
Kentucky Office for Refugees - Catholic Charities of Louisville, is the federally designated pass-through entity for refugee resettlement funding. Catholic Charities of Louisville awards grants to organizations across the state as they work to support refugees in various capacities, depending on the need and the scope of the grant. The CCOL recently started the Kentucky Refugee Voice Project. The Refugee Voice Project is a statewide survey of refugees, orchestrated to understand their level of satisfaction across various domains. Catholic Charities of Louisville recruits bilingual enumerators to assist in building the survey tool, administering it, and providing feedback. Enumerators also work to design and facilitate focus groups in their first language. CCOL then uses the results of the surveys and the focus groups to guide their funding decisions and program priorities in the future.

The Kentucky Refugee Voice Project was initially supposed to last a few months, but it is now in its second year. Due to the unexpected longevity of the Refugee Voice Project, it has been difficult to recruit and retain enumerators for different language groups and make meaningful data out of the representative sample size. This has caused a halt in future actions and a delay in closing the feedback loop.

Discussion Questions (3 – 4 questions):
● How do we balance closing the feedback loop and not losing momentum with the people who are already engaging in feedback practices while making sure another group isn't missing out on an opportunity to provide feedback?
● How can the success of feedback practices be transferable? How do we identify what mechanisms lead to feedback success in one group and adapt them to a new group?
● What are strategies for engaging with feedback when the totality of your group is of marginalized identities and there are subgroups that are further from power and access than others?
● With our participatory approach, how can we make sure we’re

Mar 23, 2023 10:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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