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Monday Iyengar Yoga @8:30am: JUNE FOUR WEEK SERIES
Four class Monday series in June (6th-27th)
Cost is $95 for the series or $30 drop-in
Paypal Payment: Anne Barbaret@annebarbaret

If less than 3 students registered the night before by 9pm- the class is canceled

This is a class for students who are not ready to join the Tuesday and Thursday classes which a little more demanding-

It is a series of classes, it is highly recommended you attend all the sessions- If not a drop-in may be possible ($30 drop-in rate)

I am using Zoom while you don't need to download the app, I recommend you do it and take the time before the class starts to:

- Get familiar with the screen: pin/unpin- speaker view: view to see the teacher- sound check- mute/unmute
- You want to see and hear the teacher (me!) and I want to see you on your mat in your poses (I know it can be tricky if I have you on the floor or standing or if the room you are in does not have the depth- Placing your device on a height and tilting the screen is one of the tricks)

- If you don't have any yoga props, have some firm cushions/blankets= to sit on, a chair (any chair) and books= blocks, a kitchen towel/towel= strap

- Be safe: un-mute yourself and tell me if something does not feel right, or just come out of the pose and do child pose while the others finish up