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Learning Circles: Everything you want to know about Circular Berlin
The ‘Learning Circles’ are an opportunity for community members to share the knowledge and expertise they have and for the Circular Berlin community to engage with and chat to each other over a topic.

You joined Circular Berlin or you want to join us, and still have some questions on how it works, what we do or any other? Here is an hour to raise them.
Ask anything you wanted to clarify or also share your ideas, recommendations and other points. It is an open event for all community members, so if you have time, join us on this Learning Circle.

The Agenda:

10 mins: Introduction round- everyone explains why they are here/ why they are interested in the topic.
25 mins: Speaker presents the topic.
20 mins: Ask anything: questions, exchange, discussions on the topic.
5 mins: Wrap up.

Monthly Schedule:

October: Everything you want to know about Circular Berlin
November: Life cycle Assessment
December: Transformation around Circular Electronics
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