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Kulin open igroup - online meeting
The ManKind Project helps men join together and create communities which foster peace, safety and accountability by unlocking the strength and power of healthy adult masculinity.

This group honors the first nations of the land wherever we meet and is named with respect to the local Kulin nations: Woiwurrung, Tuangurung, Boonwurung, Dja Dja Wurrung and Wathaurung. We are open for all men of all cultures, all ages, all walks of life to come along and take a fresh look at their own life in a safe, powerful and confidential way with other men on their journey.

The purpose of this group is to create a safe AND challenging place for men to find support and solutions in becoming better fathers, sons, husbands, workers, partners, whatever their mission in life is.

The processes followed are based on the format for Mankind Project 'igroups' which are run around the world. These are skillfully facilitated by the peer group and deliver deep, healing experiences.

Requirements for attendance are for us to identify as a man and be wiling to put in work to grow.

Open to men of any age, from any cultural background, any sexual orientation, any religion or belief system.

The online group meets 6.30pm sharp and finishes 9.00pm. Attendance of the whole session is important.

Be fed and complete your meal before igroup starts.
Have a confidential space to join from with headphones if others are nearby, to ensure confidentiality.
Create a sacred space, have incense or a sage stick to hand.

RSVP by registering. Call 0468 309 863 if you have any questions..

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