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DANCEmandala & Art (free trial session)
Put your emotive expression into shapes, textures, and colors. An invitation to move, dance, and free-form painting and drawing as your creativity and expression emerge in each moment. Guided by the DM Emotion Spiral map and selected music, we will create space for expression with our movement, brushes, and pencils. Let the dance guide you to your canvas and create your own unique healing masterpiece.

What you need
- Blank sheet of papers or art notebook
- Pencils and or pens for drawing and colored crayons, pencils, pastel sticks for coloring
- Any kind of paints you use or have and a paintbrush or two (bring some old clothes if you want to paint)
- Enough space to move, draw or paint

DANCEmandala (LIVE) online is a guided movement practice that can be both engaging and meditative. You can approach this movement in a dynamic or gentle way depending on how you are and how want to experience it at each session. Everybody is welcomed! Read more:

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