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Juvenile Fish Passage Guidance at Hydro Stations and Improved Fish Passage through Culverts and other Conveyances
Juvenile anadromous salmonids often need to transit hydro stations during their oceanward migration. Injuries and even death are a result of extreme pressure differential and runner strikes. The options to avoid passing through turbines at many stations is limited. We have developed a Behavioral Fish Guidance System that can be used to direct juvenile fish to a safe bypass such as a spillway. We have also developed a novel weir structure that can be installed in a road culvert, tunnel or other conveyance to improve passage for a variety of species and life histories. The Flexi Baffle can be modified for a wide variety of installations. The baffles are designed to have minimal effect on the capacity of structures but increase the range at which fish and other aquatic organisms can pass a structure. Shane Scott from SSA Environmental LLC in Vancouver, Washington, USA, will share his experience working for over 20 years on the largest fish passage mitigation program in the world at the Federal Columbia River Power System. He will also talk about the development and deployment of the Flexi Baffle culvert fish passage system.

Nov 18, 2021 04:00 PM in Zurich

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