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Any worded transformative technique (that is spoken) must come with some sort of intonation. "I am worthy of love. I am really sorry. I am here for you." The power of the technique is contained in the semantics, but perhaps equally so in how the words are expressed. We will play with intonation, and see how different subtle alterations of intonation can alter the transformative effects of given sentences.

​Timing: We will gather, do some warmups together, and dive into the playground. This will last 1 hour. Then we will have 15-30 minutes for conversation afterwards. Participants are welcome to depart early if you can only allocate 1 hour. However, all participants must arrive no later than 5 minutes after the hour, and we will not be allowing late arrivals.

Safety: All Deep Play Institute events contain 4 basic agreements. We will briefly go over these agreements at the beginning of each Existential Playground, but please familiarize yourself before arriving. Honor Self: I agree to honor myself. This entails setting my own boundaries, and not participating in any activity that crosses my threshold of consent. Honor Other: I agree to honor other. This entails respecting the other person to set their own boundaries, and not pushing anyone to cross over a boundary that they set. Explore My Edge: I agree to explore my edge. This entails assessing where I am in a given moment (between emotional risk and safety) and taking a step in the direction of emotional risk, with the understanding that this brings growth and transformation. Confidentiality. I agree to not share any name-identifying information from the program I attend with anyone outside of it.

Nov 18, 2022 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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