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APFM/MCLC/MCFM - Diversity Workshop 2 part series
This workshop series will focus on the skills and tools needed to build relationships across differences and will be led by Matthew Freeman and Dr. David Campt . Many would-be allies struggle to connect across cultures effectively, either becoming withdrawn and awkward, afraid of saying the wrong thing, or overly solicitous and performative, trying to prove they’re “one of the good ones.” Neither is an effective relationship-building strategy. This workshop will focus on a middle ground, how to authentically connect with those who have some significant differences from you.

Workshop 1 will focus on specific dialogic frameworks, skills, and tools you can use in interpersonal interactions to bridge these divides, while workshop 2 will create opportunities for dialogue amongst participants to check in about how the tools and skills worked in the real world. Participants should, in the end, be empowered to connect authentically across divides, and build relationships with those whom society has segregated from one another.