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Statewide Child Forensic Interviewer Peer Review: 11 AM- 12:30 PM

By registering for this meeting, I agree to adhere to the

As a professional attendee at this peer review, I agree that my contact with any client information provided will be kept absolutely confidential. Any discussion of my observations will be only within the context of fulfilling my professional role. I will refrain from commenting about clients or case content, or association on social media, in social gatherings or in other non-professional setting, and I will absolutely refrain from any use of names of individuals observed on tape (either audio, video, or DVD) or any written materials.

I also accept that professional ethics require me to immediately make it known to the trainer/facilitator if I am, or have been, personally or socially acquainted with individuals whose case will be reviewed. I will abide by the decision and guidance of the professional facilitator if I should excuse myself for the portion of the training/meeting where this case will be discussed. Whenever possible, I will seek the guidance of the group when an issue of confidentiality arises.
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