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Clear Speech Success Quick Start: A 90-minute Masterclass
During this free LIVE virtual masterclass, Global-English Speech Coach Sarah Gallant will share 5 speech production tips that will help you speak English with more clarity in meetings. You will learn...

=> 5 features of speech production to prioritize when you speak English in the global workplace.

=> Concrete ways to control your speaking English speed. This helps your listeners of different language backgrounds respond with more ease.

=> A step-by-step lesson to train you to produce an amplified & controlled confident sound. Vocal leadership keeps your listeners engaged.

=> Why consonant articulation is critical for rock star communicators. That is, when they speak on stage or in virtual meetings.
=> Insights into how English rhythm differs from the rhythm of your first (or other first) language. And why this matters!

=>3-4 warm-ups and practice techniques that you can incorporate into a daily practice routine. This type of training takes steady practice and attention. You will walk away with a few concrete tools to jumpstart your daily practice routine.

This virtual masterclass is for you if you want a no-fluff training that's designed to help you speak English with more clarity and be better understood from the start.

Jan 26, 2022 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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