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Statewide Care Coordination Platform Standards Webinar
Since the fall of 2019, the SCCPSW, a group consisting of representatives from Washington’s Accountable Communities of Health, Collective Medical, and healthcare stakeholders from around the state, has worked to bring a set of standards for entering care-coordination-related information into Collective Platform. The results of the SCCPSW’s work, “Sharing Care Information on the Collective Platform”, is now available, and the workgroup is pleased to present their work to providers and other agencies using Collective Platform around the state of Washington.

Sharing critical care coordination information about patients or clients who have gone to the ED or the hospital can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. How do you know what information to enter, or where to enter it? If you are working in a hospital or ED, where do you find that information? Although Collective Platform (AKA EDIE or PreManage) provides a platform to share information such as care guidelines and care team contact information between providers, it is not readily apparent how to enter that information.

Among many topics, this two-hour webinar will cover:

• Where to find, in the Collective Platform, the best location to find various types of care information (e.g., care history, care guidelines, care team contacts) for your patients/clients
• Helpful DOs and DON’Ts regarding entering care information
• Information regarding patient privacy and security alerts
• How to use Tags, Flags, and Cohorts in the system to organize how you work with following up on patients or clients
• Where to quickly find help using the standards in the Collective Platform

Feb 24, 2021 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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