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Jupiter and Saturn - The Great Chronocrators
Wth the Aquarius Severn committee

As Jupiter heads towards its conjunction with Saturn on the winter solstice, we explore what this will mean for the world as well as for us personally.

The conjunction takes place at 0° Aquarius and so marks a 20-year 'mini-age of Aquarius'. Is this the dawning of a more enlightened period in which the collaborative, humanitarian values of Aquarius take precedence over the failed materialism of the last twenty years?

A further consideration is that successive conjunctions occur in the same element, since 1842 in Earth - excepting the 1980 one in Libra when Aquarius Severn was formed - but now moving into air signs until well into the next century.

This suggests this conjunction is particularly significant in representing a historical shift.

Although the webinar starts at 7.30pm you may join from 7.15pm and settle in or say hello to other attendees. After the webinar ends at around 8.45pm there will be a further quarter of an hour or so in which you are free to make contact with friends and acquaintances or just 'hang out' in the company of fellow astrology enthusiasts.

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Sep 3, 2020 07:30 PM in London

Aquarius Severn Astrology Society
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