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Yukon Innovation Week November 16 to 22, 2020
Imagine: Yukon’s Awesome, Global Digital Presence (Part of Yukon Innovation Week)
This 90-minute session is designed as a bold conversation where current limitations are cast aside and we image a world of our own making. (Facilitated by Inga Petri, Strategic Moves)

People around the world are flocking to the Yukon for fun, entertainment, cultural experiences, our multi-facetted histories, outdoor experiences, guided tours, culinary extravaganzas, unique Northern products – and they are doing that online right now.

Let’s talk
How can we build a true Yukon digital platform to put our collective foot forward to the vast online population?

What would Yukoners and Yukon businesses have to build together to achieve such an awesome, global online presence? What kinds of content would we need to have, what kinds of digital technologies would we use to create awesome digital experiences, and what kind of visionary web presence would we create to be a global online force?

How do we develop a business model that returns revenue to Yukoners and our Yukon businesses, while maintaining the technology backbone of this made-in-Yukon solution?

This conversation is inspired by the life-altering effects of COVID-19 pandemic responses and a readiness to embrace the persistent new digital age that might follow. It also comes from several conversations in recent years about creating a digital window for the Yukon.

Who this is for:
• web developers, extended reality media makers, technology builders and innovators and so on
• tourism businesses, wilderness guides, cultural centres, heritage and museums and so on
• visual and performing artists, musicians, makers of wearable art and cultural expressions and so on
• people from all four levels of government, anyone with access to innovation funding

Nov 20, 2020 03:00 PM in Arizona

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