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Parents Group
January 12: Dealing with tweens/teens and diabetes
February 9: Sending your child with T1D for a sleepover
March 9: Diabetes and anxiety in kids
April 13: Transition to Adulthood Part 1: How/what to discuss with your T1D teen regarding dating, sex, drugs, and alcohol.
May 11: Transition to Adulthood Part 2: How/what to discuss with your T1D regarding refills on prescriptions, what to do when you get to college, finding an adult endo, etc.
June 8: Parent/Caregiver mental health. How to deal with stress, worrying, exhaustion, loss of sleep, etc.
July 13: Back-to-school tips and 504 plans. Also, what do you wish your child’s teacher knew about T1D?
August 10: Including extended family or caregivers in your child’s care
September 14: Sick day rules including how to manage with tweens/teens going thru puberty.
October 12: Diabetes Burnout
November 9: Holiday eating
December 14: Diabetes and the family dynamic. How it affects marriage/partnerships/relationships and siblings
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