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Share and Learn session Registration (Laughter Medicine Workshop)
We are looking forward to seeing you at our next Share and Learn session. This week, we will be joined by Jaycee La Bouche, carer and certified Laughter Yoga Leader, for two fun workshops with laughter exercises, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and visualization. Laughter Medicine is a simple, yet powerful practice, based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between real and fake laughter.

If you can't attend this one, hopefully you can join another very soon.

Any form of physical exercise or activity can sometimes cause irritations and pain if not practiced attentively and mindfully. For example, make sure you have a safe space around you (no obstacles), take breaks whenever you need to and do as little or as much of the activity as you choose.

Before you undertake any online sessions involving movement and physical activity, you must be happy that you are currently physically and mentally able to undertake the activity and do not attempt something that you are not comfortable with.

By participating in this session, you take responsibility for your activities and your body – Carers UK or the session facilitator does not accept liability for any injuries caused. If you have any current medical conditions/injuries or are pregnant, you may wish to consult your doctor for specific advice before taking part in the session.

Aug 11, 2022 03:00 PM in London

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