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# CLOCKWORK: How to Transform Your Agency’s Operations
Every agency reaches a point where it decides to grasp the nettle of process and operations - but how do you do that well?

In this session, Harv Nagra will share how he’s made SAENTYS a well-oiled machine.

Harv was digital director at SAENTYS, and started doing operations as a ‘side job’. However, he quickly saw the need for one person focused wholly on process.

“Before, you were trained by somebody you sat next to. ‘How do you build a quote?’ ‘Oh – use this one I made for another client’.”

“It meant that nobody had a consistent quote. One person might have produced quotes that looked a certain way, or said a certain thing. Now, that's completely changed.”

Harv has gone on to turn SAENTYS into a well-oiled machine:

> There’s a process to onboard new hires – and immerse them in SAENTYS’ processes.
> Management meetings have transformed.
> Quoting is streamlined and consistent.

Come along to hear more from Harv about how he identified the need for a full-time focus on operations, and how it’s helped the agency to thrive.

Mar 22, 2023 04:00 PM in London

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