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Shadow Work Part 2
PLEASE NOTE: you will need an UNFIX Festival pass to take part in this workshop. You can buy them here: Thank you!

Following the work of Carl Gustav Jung, Toltec Shamanism, Buddhism, Stoicism and the Chinese school of Tao and Chikung, Verónica Mota will help you to e-constructed and vivisect yourself in order to create a more integrated Being. We will rescue old traditions of knowledge known for its effective ways of liberation.

The mentor uses all this intercontinental knowledge as a contemporary & syncretic practice of mind-hacking and re-programmation mostly in urban contexts where people need the most to be unplugged.

We will work on this following levels:

Ancestros & Family Tree
Biographical timeline
Character Defects aka Cope Mechanisms & Talents
Mind-Hacking and de-programmation
Routines and daily practices of resistance

Materials needed:
Paper to write
Pen and colors
Yoga Mat
POCs and LGTBQ+ are very welcome!

Jun 22, 2021 06:00 PM in London

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