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Interventions in the archive | panel discussion
Panelists: Bayr(y)am Bayr(y)amali, Beata Bartecka & Łukasz Rusznica and Anton Roland Laub

The discussion in this panel will emphasise on the photographic archive as an ephemeral and fragmented site - such used for uncovering, reinventing, appropriating and challenging narratives. The four practitioners will share their discoveries and methods when working with an archive, and will pose questions in regards to the role of the camera as a tool for representing historical events.

Bayr(y)am Bayr(y)amali will discuss his visual and oral history studies of the so-called “Revival Process” - the mass assimilation and forced displacement of Bulgarian Turks, Pomaks and Romani people during the 1980s in communist Bulgaria. Beata Bartecka & Łukasz Rusznica will share the processes and methods they have established whilst working on their book How to Look Natural in Photos with archival materials from the Polish Institute of National Remembrance. Anton Roland Laub will present his artistic practice with a focus on his latest photobook LAST CHRISTMAS (of Ceaușescu) – where he employs his own photographs and archival ones, and departs on a journey backwards to the Romanian Revolution.

This panel discussion is a part of the online programme and project History in Between. History in Between (project for interventions in the Museum, Sofia) is a collaboration between the Art Affairs and Documents Foundation, and the Regional History Museum of Sofia; and it is supported by the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia City.
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