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Teaching Languages with Evidence-Based Techniques - an online HELTA workshop with Russ Mayne
This workshop looks at teaching techniques which have a sizable body of research to support their use. We will start by looking at the value of an evidence-based approach to teaching languages and then examine the evidence for a number of techniques and approaches in the classroom, focusing on three areas with a large amount of research to back them up. We will also examine practices which arguably do not have a robust justification for their use.

There will also be a chance for participants to get some tips on how to find and be a good consumer of research. We will also look at some research and consider the concepts of cognitive load and the importance of background knowledge. While some of the techniques suggested may seem like common sense teaching practices, I will argue they are not always embraced or fully implemented by teachers.

Note from your HELTA organizers:
We will open the zoom room at 09:45 am for a short social before the event officially starts.
Please be advised that the event proper will be recorded. If you have data security concerns, you have the option of turning off your web camera and/or shortening your username.
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