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Mantras & More... with Manish Vyas
Hindus will chant a specific mantra which becomes an invocation. It is not necessary that there should be a meaning to the mantra. Ordinarily there is none, because mantras with meaning become distorted with the passage of time. But meaningless mantras do not become distorted. With a meaningless mantra nothing extraneous can enter with the passage of time. That is why all mantras of depth are meaningless. They have no meaning, so they remain changeless. They are only sounds. There are methods for the chanting of these sounds. If there is a specified beat, intensity and rhythm, the soul that is invoked will enter instantly. And if the soul for whom the mantra was devised is dissolved into nirvana, another soul of similar purity will enter.~Osho, Dimensions of the beyond

Come join us in this journey of Mantras with Manish Vyas....

Manish Vyas has been learning and teaching music for more than 25 years, which he learnt throughout his life with different maestros in India. At the age of 20, having moved to Pune to pursue his musical career (and also following his spiritual master) Manish continued learning Tabla with Ustad Allarakha while organizing and performing concerts in Osho's presence. Manish met Jagjit Singh and played with him in a big performance presented at the Osho Samadhi. This maestro of ghazals, classic and devotional music was a big influence in Manish’s musical vision - as well as his spiritual master Gurudev, who taught him how to compose and use music to reach awareness, meditation and dissolving with the music.

He is currently producing and filming a documentary about sacred music from India, Mantra and science of Sound as discovered by the ancient Rishis in India - explaining and transmitting the deep roots and core of this tradition and how it has been used (and still is used) in India for thousands of years.

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Sep 17, 2022 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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