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Soaring as a Male Being with Imran and Siris
Have you ever wondered how to be a man on this planet while honoring yourself and what you know?
Have you ever judged yourself or been judged for being a man that you wonder if you’re ever going to get your head out of your ass enough to create the life you’d not just enjoy but be proud to have?
Imran Farooq AKA Peter Halley and Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo will be hosting a chat that invites male beings of all backgrounds, creeds and experiences to have greater awareness of what makes men different. Not better. Not worse. Just different.
What is the beauty, strength and gift of being a male being? How can you step out beyond the conditioning and past experiences into your magic, your rhythm and your journey?
These chats open the doorway to see what we can create and discover together. This will be a space where men seeking to soar can take center stage and be received totally without judgment. Female beings are welcome to attend and listen to the facilitators and the men, energetically contributing their love, kindness and awareness. Mental, Physical, Psychological, Health, Environmental. All topics are open for discussion.
We will have 30 minutes of group discussion led by Imran/Peter and Siris (and the audio replay of this will be available to those who register) followed by 30 minutes of open discussion without recording.

About the Co-Facilitators:
Imran is a Singing Bowls Shaman, Holder of universal space to assist beings to play, discover, evolve and heal (where required). He is a Journeying Creator, Teacher, Facilitator who has had the good fortune of being assisted in his endeavors by many entities, guides, and creatures from beyond mystical time and space. He is constantly in awe and wonder of everything.
Siris is the owner of Empowering Light Language LLC where she infuses energetic modalities into her classes and private sessions as a Communication Specialist, Life Coach and the Creator of the Living and Dying Body Process.
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