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Kundalini Yoga Online - Awakening Your Intuition
The strength of our intuition - the ability to protect ourselves and deal with life's ups and downs, while maintaining an open heart - lies in the strength of our arcline and connection to the Ajna (sixth chakra).

The arcline is the foundation of the radiant body and is closely linked with the pituitary gland which regulates our nervous system, hormone balance and subtle perception. Imagine a halo running from earlobe to earlobe – that’s the arcline. When the arcline is in balance you'll attract opportunities and have the intuition to act on them wisely.

In these sessions we'll use Kundalini Yoga breathwork, movement, mantra and meditations that work on the Ajna, pituitary gland and arcline so we can awaken the intuitive force within.

I will open the meeting 15 minutes before, at 5.45pm, and will allow 5 minutes after the session for any questions.

Make sure your microphone is MUTED and video is ON.

Click on the Speaker View to see me full screen.

By joining me online you will be responsible for your own safety, wherever you are. Listen to your body and do what works for you.

All welcome. Not suitable during pregnancy. £10 per session or gift what you can (if you can) to: or email me for bank transfer option.

​If you're unsure if this session is suitable for you or you have another question, drop me an email ahead of the class at: or txt me on 07984 324262
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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