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Webinar: The Suit in the Bag, Due Diligence at Home? Organising Business Travel that Respects Human Rights
Many face-to-face business encounters could be bridged with digital meetings and valuable online tools during the pandemic. Still, business travel will return on a large scale. With the "Building Back Better" premise, many companies want to plan sustainable business travel that respects human rights, but they often lack knowledge about concrete implementation. The need to implement due diligence processes applies both to companies that handle business travel booking internally and corporate travel companies.

Employees are often entrusted with booking their business travel independently. Still, every employee is a representative of their company - especially when travelling - and the misconduct of one individual can cause lasting damage to the image of the entire company. Thus, business travellers should book their trip carefully and behave in a responsible manner on site.

This webinar will help clarify what needs to be done to make business travel socially responsible. The focus will be on two crucial basic questions: How do I book? How do I train? People in charge of booking business trips within a company will be advised on how to minimise human rights risks already when choosing accommodation, forms of transport or other services. Companies will be supported to understand how a comprehensive code of conduct supports the company's sustainable narrative and educates employees.

This introductory webinar is explicitly targeted at people who are responsible for planning and booking business trips. Depending on the company's size, this may involve the management, travel managers or individual employees and is intended to:
▪ look before book: Minimise risks from scratch
▪ standardise processes: Include respect to human rights and due diligence
▪ implement a code: Train employees to become more responsible business travellers
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