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Treasure Box. Discover your inner-self and connect your mind and soul.
We are two certified coaches and passionate about sharing and co-creating a Treasure Box of different practices and tools to come into the now, be present, be in your body, end the noise in your head, and focus on building resources and energy for your life and your work.

We will host seven independent treasure box sessions. Once you have registered, the zoom links works for all sessions:
++Mon Sep7, 2020: New Utopias. Creating futures together!
++Mon Sep 21, 2020: Reduce the noise in your head!
++Mon Oct 5, 2020: Live your joy!
++Mon Oct 19, 2020: Trust makes cooperation!
++Mon Nov 2, 2020: Freedom starts with observing your emotions!
++Mon Nov 16, 2020: Be present - open up new spaces!
++Mon Nov 30, 2020: The art of breathing

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We are looking forward to having you:
Dr. Nicole Helmerich,,
Dr. Ernst Bechinie,,

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