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#DigLitBootcamp: Marketing automation for MFIs
Marketing is one of the business areas where robots have been increasing productivity for some time already.
Marketing automation solutions manage processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels of communication… automatically. Such tools make the campaigns more accurate, generate better leads, and achieve greater return on investment (ROI). Equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) engines and connected to our CRM, the marketing automation empowers the field staff with the possibility to massively address a huge number of clients with tailor-made offers. It boosts loyalty, NPS (net promoter score) and revenue. It helps to win-back the customers and acquire new ones.

In this webinar we will explain:
• What are the benefits of the introduction of marketing automation in a Microfinance institution?
• How do you make the best use of marketing automation tools?
• What processes we can and should automate?
• What key functionalities of automation we should look for?
• Why it is worth to use it by field staff?
• What prerequisites do we need before we go for marketing automation?
• How to integrate the system with CRM, and other systems?
• How to create a buy-in effect with the low hanging fruits?
• How to measure success and what are the reporting capabilities?
• What are the best practices and common pitfalls?

We will also discuss current trends and the future of marketing automation. We will also touch upon the impact on the team: does it replace people in the marketing department or rather does it empower them to transcend and become an even more valuable asset for the company.

Sep 29, 2020 11:00 AM in Warsaw

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