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General meeting – Bill James - Leader: JB Burke
Zoom meeting will open at 12:45 PM
Currently Scheduled for Zoom Only. Watch the schedule for notice of return to the library!

First Hour – Bill James – Everything Google
Bill James, Computer Club of Oklahoma City
This presentation will explore the vast world of Google both hardware and software. Google is unique in that it strives to have the most comprehensive and diverse suite of apps and hardware that work together. They also appear to want to be the most platform-independent for their group of products that work across a wide variety of operating systems. The core of Google Apps is the Chrome browser and is the foundation of their platform. Foremost, all its software development is web-based; they produce no software that resides on your computer. Each app is designed to work seamlessly with each other. We are all familiar with Google Chrome as a browser, but it is also the basis for Google’s Chromebook Operating System. Each product or app builds upon the other to make a cohesive system. We will look at Google hardware and some of the more popular apps as some of the more obscure and how they interact with each other to make a comprehensive ecosystem.

Second Hour: Tips & Tricks - Phil Ball
Today’s program will be followed by Windows Master Phil Ball with another helping of his famous Windows 10 Tips & Tricks. No matter how well you know Windows, you will be sure to come away from Phil's session with at least one new insight - and probably many more as well.

Feb 19, 2022 01:00 PM in Arizona

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