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Advance Data Science Methodologies
Topics Covered:

• Study Roadmap for AI/ML: As we know, machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence are hot topics nowadays. However, few are telling us the exact path to cover or learn the concept in simple way. A step by step process on how to approach a data science problem from the start to end is needed. This includes programming languages, libraries, websites, and tools to use at different stages.

• Regression vs Classification: Regression and classification are two different types of problems in supervised learning techniques. The speaker will discuss what are these two problems and which algorithms to use to solve these two sets of problems in machine learning.

• Classification vs Clustering: Classification and clustering are two methods of pattern identification used in machine learning. Although both techniques have certain similarities, there is a need to understand where and how to use these two approaches and the major differences between them.

Jun 14, 2021 05:00 PM in Dubai

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