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Friday Afternoon Summer Special - Soothing the nervous system
Friday Afternoon Summer Special - Soothing the nervous system, a relaxing class mobilising and stretching to release muscular tensions, including breathing practices to calm mind and body
finishing with a practice of deeply restful Yoga Nidra.

Before class begins, please gather together the props you would like to have to support you to move, and rest, and sit comfortably. I recommend for this class you have some blankets and cushions or pillows to make yourselves super comfortable for our Yoga Nidra/longer relaxation (20 mins)
Please log in 15 minutes before class begins if you can in order to adjust your camera and audio so that you can see and hear me during class. In these 15 minutes you can chat and check in with me and other group participants. When class begins I will mute you all. You can also mute yourself and choose Speaker view in order to see me more clearly when ready to begin.
Please use the private chat function to let me know before class if there is anything I should be aware of about you so that I can be a better teacher to you during class. I will have more limited ability to see and offer adjustments in this online world, but I will occasionally look at the screen to check in and offer observations. Knowing your condition will allow me to provide modifications, and recognize when you are modifying for yourself. Please do modify my instructions in response to what feels beneficial in your own body.

Cost for this online class is £6. (online payment – sort code 40-31-02, acc # 01225294) or
*Under 18’s practicing with you are free and welcome, but practice under your watchful eye. (I have to waive responsibility)

Aug 14, 2020 02:00 PM in London

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