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Inclusive Language Workshop
Since its founding in 1968, Metropolitan Community Churches has sought to recognize our limited
understandings of God and faith and to expand Christian community. Language has always been a critical part
of making this circle wider, because language shapes value and meaning. The words chosen to describe our
experiences of the divine and our understandings of gospel messages not only reflect our reality but, in fact,
help to create it. Furthermore, as an organization of faith, the importance of language is reinforced for us by
its power in foundational scriptural stories of Creation, inspiration, and call.
The use of inclusive language, then, furthers the aim of Metropolitan Community Churches to reflect that the
full range of people is created in God's image and in community life, as well as to speak to and about all people
in ways that show respect and honor human dignity and worth. It allows for broader frameworks to
understand God beyond those based on limited human qualities and theological beliefs. Inclusive language
importantly, and often uncomfortably, also helps to share power, to interrupt the effects of unearned
privilege, and to repair the spiritual harm done to those who have excessive and unexamined privilege. In
these ways, inclusive language benefits all people as we seek together to become Beloved Community.
Inclusive language does not require that we necessarily do away altogether with traditional, often treasured
language. In some cases, we may choose to stop using some beloved names or words in order to be more
welcoming to marginalized people. At other times, we may choose to continue to use traditional and
cherished terms alongside other words and terms so that a clearing can be created that allows more of the
congregation to find themselves and their God named in community. It is even possible during some liturgical
rites to allow each congregant to use their own terms: For example, the pastor might invite the congr
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