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Insight Connect for Grads
Team Insight is the team of amazing volunteers who help to run Insight behind-the-scenes and assist at seminars.

If you're an existing volunteer or assistant and would like to be added to the Calendar Invitation for the Team Insight Connection calls, email Annabelle

If you've completed Insight 1 and are willing to commit a little time to helping run Insight, fantastic! It's a great way to put the seminar tools & concepts into action, in a supportive environment.

If you're not a grad yet, don't worry! Remember you'll be warmly welcomed at the Monthly Workshops (on 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm UK), they are open to all.

Team Insight members are invited to fortnightly Connection Calls on the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month (so 14 and 28 February) from 6.30-7pm approx.(UK time). We centre, review a tool or concept from Insight 1 and then share - maybe your affirmation, what's present for you right now, your thoughts on that tool or how you want to use the tool before the next call. You also hear what's happening behind the scenes at Insight UK. We finish around 7pm, then you can either say goodbye and carry on with your evening commitments, or stay on for some "social chat" with other volunteers - like those lovely chats that happen in the breaks at seminars - or on the way to the Tube. -

Any questions?
Contact Annabelle

The calls are hosted by experienced grads (not facilitators) so there won’t be any facilitation/processing - just "thank you for sharing". But it’s a wonderful chance to share from the Heart with like-minded volunteer grads.

Would you and another grad be up for co-hosting a call? You'd just do a centring, and remind us all of an Insight tool from your seminar notes. Zoom & moral support provided.

If you'd like to go on the co-hosting list, contact Annabelle.