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#AH – What Happens When Agency Life Curbs Your Enthusiasm?
An agency leader woke up one morning during lockdown and decided to call it day.

“I woke up and my head just said: enough is enough. Let’s close the business,” he explains.

After running the business for over a decade, he found that he didn’t fancy carrying on. (We're not putting his name on the web to prevent this story ending up in the Google index forever!)

“I felt battered and bruised, having run it for so long and then being faced with the challenge of Brexit and then Covid and the impending recession.”

With lockdown looming, closing the business seemed the most practical thing.

(This is VERY common – but it’s not something that’s often spoken about.)

However, he didn’t pull the trigger immediately.

“I think it’s important that you live with those things and really explore the implications thoroughly,” he says. “Would I be happy if I closed this business and didn’t feel I’d given it everything?”

Spoiler alert – he didn’t shut shop. In fact, he doubled down on the business.

Fast forward several months and he has restructured his team, started to re-define his role, and implemented a more strategic and data-driven approach to decision-making.

All this is already starting to nudge his metrics in an encouraging direction.

This is a story many agency leaders will relate to. As we ask this person about their story, we’ll talk about:

● Letting your mistakes teach you an important lesson
● The art of delegation (and not feeling bad about it)
● Accepting change and adapting to it

If you’ve ever lost your zest for the climb, this will help you reflect on whether you’re really ready to quit – or whether you just need a different route up the mountain.

Nov 5, 2020 12:00 PM in London

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