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Improving e-NVH performances of electrical systems throughout their development life cycle
Manatee software presentation / November 2021, 3rd (Europe/Asia time zones)
The next webinar dedicated to Manatee software will be held on November 3, 2021.

EOMYS team took benefit of the last months to considerably improve stability, ergonomics, and aesthetics of Manatee software to guarantee the best user experience.

Throughout the webinar, the following topics will be covered:

1. Introduction
a. Manatee software vision & development roadmap
b. How can Manatee be fast AND accurate ? MLUT, modal expansion and
vibration synthesis
2. Visualization tools: demonstration of V2.1.9 post-processing
3. Tolerances & faults: e-NVH effect of uneven stator bore radius
4. Root cause analysis: contribution of radiating surfaces to Sound Power Level in a
12s10p PMSM
5. Case study: Audi e-Tron induction machine

Nov 3, 2021 09:00 AM in Paris

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