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Love, Meditation and Death with Sudheer Niet
“Meditation can be postponed easily, you feel, because it is not concerned with your immediate survival. Bread cannot be postponed -- you will die. Money cannot be postponed -- it is needed for your basic necessities. Meditation can be postponed, you can survive without it. Really, you can survive without it easily. The moment you go deep in meditation, you will not survive on this earth at least -- you will disappear. From the circle of this life, this wheel, you will disappear. Meditation is like death, so the mind becomes afraid. Meditation is like love, so the mind becomes afraid. "Postpone," it says, and you can go on postponing ad infinitum. Your mind is always saying things like this. And do not think I am talking about others. I am talking particularly about you.”~Osho, The Book of Secrets

In this 90 minute Master Class in Meditation, you can experience how meditations from The Book of Secrets can take you into Meditation, to experience Love and Death. We will use guided relaxation and guidance into the meditation and into the experience of Love and Death.

“There is nothing comparable to the death experience in life, except deep meditation. So those who know meditation, they know something of death – that's the only way to know before dying.” ~ Osho

Sudheer has experimented the last 47 years with all the OSHO meditations and many meditations from The Book of Secrets.
He is trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and NLP and is experienced in helping people move into death consciously and joyfully. He is especially interested in using Hypnosis to deepen meditation and to deal with end-of-life issues – he is one of the co-creators of the OSHO Bardo, a popular guided meditative process for everyday use or for preparing for death.
Sudheer has traveled the world facilitating meditation courses in such places as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Spain, the Netherlands and the US.

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Oct 1, 2022 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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