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Architecting Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure ( AFC)
This Course covers the fundamentals of building Cloud infrastructure Amazon Web Services Cloud. The curriculum is designed to teach you how to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how these services fit into cloud-based solutions. This course emphasizes AWS Cloud Best-Practices and Recommended Design Patterns to help students think through the process of architecting optimal cloud solutions on AWS. Case-studies throughout the course walk you through how clients have designed their cloud infrastructure and the strategies & services they implemented. It introduces you to AWS Products, Services & Common solutions. This also gives you the fundamentals to become more proficient in identifying AWS services so that, you can make authentic decisions about Cloud solutions. That said, getting trained by the MASTER Cloud Trainer is another key advantage that will make this course all the more special to you on your success ride to Cloud mastery!

Trainer is Mr. Cheri.

Cheri is a seasoned Virtualization & Cloud Guru with 22 years of voluminous experience in Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure and VMWare Infrastructure. He’s been teaching VMware Virtualization for the past 12 years and Amazon AWS cloud since, 7 years.

In Cheri’s classroom, learning AWS infrastructure & its components is just one part, but the cutting-edge is the unparalleled real-life scenarios on building, deploying and managing large enterprise-class AWS Cloud Infrastructure. Attending this class will help you acquire the know-how to speak assertively in all your future interviews, as if you have actually worked on a large cloud infrastructure.