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The discovery of Pluto: Herstory – What would Persephone say?
The first planet to be discovered in the New World, Pluto’s emergence into collective consciousness has been associated with the splitting of the atom, the nuclear age, the rise of fascism, and to the criminal underworld, the mafia. However, the planets arrival is also connected with an unheard voice, which I refer to as Persephone’s. As Pluto himself emerged, so did SHE. ‘Beauty in a jar’, beauty as power, androgynous women and in England the emergence of the sacred feminine and the Goddess Movement, the discovery horoscope of Pluto also points to a re-emergence of the feminine – a validation of female spirituality, sexuality and a validation of feminine political power. In this talk, Liz will look at Pluto’s discovery from a different perspective.

Elizabeth (Liz) Hathway DFAstrolS, MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (with Distinction), Qualified Horary Craftswoman (Frawley school) is an independent researcher with a special interest in rituals, sacred space, shamanism, magic and transformation.

Although the intro starts at 7.25pm please join from 7.15pm so you can settle in or say hello to other attendees. After the webinar ends at around 8.45pm there will be a further half an hour in which you are free to 'hang out' in the company of fellow astrology enthusiasts and join in or listen to relaxed astro-conversation.

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Aug 3, 2023 07:15 PM in London

Aquarius Severn Astrology Society
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