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Further Together: Collaborative Action as a Pathway to Systems Change
While collaboration can take multiple forms, the last decade has seen a particular interest and rise in numbers of formal multi stakeholder collaborative models the number of such collaborative initiatives in the Indian development sector today is more than four times what it was in 2000 A collaborative, in the development context, is a collective platform that aggregates resources across various stakeholders to amplify social impact and offers a cohesive structure for collaborative action, often facilitated by a host or backbone organization Such collaborative that exist today offer a gamut of development solutions, strategic approaches, and implementation models to observe and codify leanings from.

This Learning Lab will showcase the opportunities and challenges faced by several nascent and established collaborative in India, ideating on what we can do to accelerate our impact and codify our leanings This emerging learning community of collaborative will foster a learning agenda 2021 for collaborative action in India.

Mar 16, 2021 05:30 PM in India

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