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System-level Investing Deep-dive: How, What, Why, and Where
Around the world, financial professionals, academics and activists are coming to the same conclusion -- the financial system needs to evolve.

Whether it’s COVID-19, climate change, racial injustice or democracy itself, the events of the past few years offer convincing proof that it’s time for a systemic change in how we approach business and investment decisions. That leaves an important question -- what does changing the financial system look like in practice?

We believe systems change requires a systems approach. For investors -- both asset managers and asset owners -- this means taking concrete steps to rethink how investment decisions are made and how investment vehicles are structured. It also means exploring a number of key issues and questions - for instance:
● Modern portfolio theory’s limitations for system-level investing
● What are the key elements of system-level investing?
● How can we design investment structures that are equitable and built for the long term?
● How will investors know when they are taking a system-level approach to investing?

Acknowledging the complexity inherent in various recommendations, this webinar is designed to offer context, tools, and approaches aimed at helping investors take difficult but important steps towards systems change. Additionally, this session is designed to be interactive, with brief presentations at the beginning, and a longer period allocated for discussion, co-learning, and co-creation among speakers and participants.

Moderated by Emilie Goodall who leads the Financial System Transformation Benchmark at the World Benchmarking Alliance, speakers will include:
● Jon Lukomnik and Jim Hawley, authors of “Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory”
● William Burckart, The Investment Integration Project
● Delilah Rothenberg, Predistribution Initiative
● Mirtha Kastrapeli, Beyond Alpha

Jun 29, 2021 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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