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Pranayama Basic with Petra
In yoga we use the breath, the primordial movement of life, enough concealed but almost magically essential in opening the door to more subtle perceptions.
Pranayamic type of breathing is a complex voluntary action that requires conscious manipulation of the breath in which the respiratory organs and respiratory structures expand willingly and rhythmically. Breathing alone occurs at the level of the internal organs, just like the heartbeats but unlike the heartbeats, it involves the entire network of muscle and bone tissue and cannot be separated from them.

The goal of this practice is to put the autonomic nervous system under control and this voluntary act of breathing is therefore linked to the mind and a very clear connection between the breath activity and the mind activity. Pranayama thus becomes kind of a bridge between physical existence and mental activity and thats why it is known as a practice that cleanses the perception and prepares the mind for deep concentration and meditation.

In this class we are using traditional Hatha Pradipika techniqiues and approach based on teachings of Kaivalyadhama Institute in India. Classes are integrating both, practice and theory, building up the base for secure and stable breath control, balancing the nervous system as well as important work of how to work with neuro-muscular locks or bandhas during the practice. All levels welcome.

Nov 30, 2021 08:00 PM in Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb

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