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StoryLab: Discovering Your Story & Its Power
Join us for our FREE 5-Day StoryLab where we'll begin to uncover, craft, and share our stories authentically, vulnerably, and mindfully.

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5-Day StoryLab Overview
Day 1: Choose Your Story
Day 2: Set Your Intentions
Day 3: Define Your Value & Purpose
Day 4: Discover Your Audience
Day 5: Develop Your Story Structure

Live Workshop Objectives
• Understand the purpose and power of your story
• Uncover your personal values
• Gain a framework that will help you develop your story
• Develop a stronger sense of self
• Increase your ability to engage and inspire others

What's Included?
• FREE Access to all 5 sessions
• Downloadable self-discovery & story worksheets
• 10% Discount on the Full Uncover You E-Book or The StoryCards Journal
• Safe space & online community
• Ability to post questions/comments in our Facebook group
• Discussion questions in our Facebook group to keep conversations, interactions, and storytelling constant