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Stick it to the skeptics: effective insights from acupuncture research
- by Sandro Graca, Lic TCM, FABORM

“When someone asks you ‘Does acupuncture work?’ answer with HOW it works.” – Dr John McDonald, PhD.
A research team at Harvard Medical School lead by Dr Qiufu Ma, a professor of neurobiology successfully used acupuncture to tame cytokine storms in mice with systemic inflammation. This headline caused quite the…storm (pun intended!) and the study also revealed what we already knew: the same stimulus could produce dramatically different results depending on location, timing and intensity. In other words, our medicine is extremely powerful and every aspect of an acupuncture treatment plays a very important role on the outcome.

The late great Prof Hugh MacPherson demystified the claims of placebo and efficacy of acupuncture with crucial research published in the last few years – which was used to back up the inclusion of acupuncture treatment in health insurance coverage and consequent integration into the medical system. Are you utilising the knowledge and the findings from those papers?

In this lecture, we will explore “the best of” acupuncture research in the last year and how we all have a part to play when it comes to honouring the TCM classics, communicate these mind-blowing new findings from acupuncture research, and ultimately: integrate acupuncture in the healthcare system for the benefit of our communities.

Spoiler alert: you are the key factor – and not the scientists with their statistics ;-)

Oct 21, 2020 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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