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Global NATO: a Threat to Peace - Online protest action
Join us at the anti-NATO events: Global NATO: a Threat to Peace
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Since the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, NATO has developed into a global alliance through expansion into Central and Eastern Europe, conducting destabilizing military interventions in the ‘war against terror’ and forging bilateral and multilateral alliances worldwide. At the NATO summit, the report "NATO 2030: United for a new Era" will be discussed. In this webinar we'll analyse NATO as a global militarist actor.

Sunday June 13: 3am-6:30am PST | 9am-12:30pm EDT | 1pm-4:30pm UTC | 2pm-5:30pm UK | 3pm-6:30pm CEST

Interpretation: English, French and Spanish

1. Global NATO – the threat of war
Introduction Heinz Bierbaum, Germany, President - European Left

 Part I : 3am-4:30am PST | 9am-10:30am EDT | 1pm-2:30pm UTC | 2pm-3:30pm UK | 3pm-4:30pm CEST

 NATO2030 – NATO’s new global vision: Ludo De Brabander, Belgium, vrede vzw
 Nuclear weapons – abolition or new arms race?: Kate Hudson, UK, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
 Military spending on the rise: Cloe Meulenwaeter, Barcelona, Centre Delàs d´Estudis per la Pau
 War on terror – 20 years on: Lindsey German, UK, Stop the War Coalition

Moderation: Kristine Karch, Germany, No to war – no to NATO

 Part II : 5am-6:30am PST |11am-12:30pm EDT | 3pm-4:30pm UTC | 4pm-5:30pm UK | 5pm-6:30pm CEST

 NATO sets its sights on Asia: Corazon Valdez Fabros, Philippines, Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition (Filipinas)
 Pacific and China – we need a Pivot to Peace: Ann Wright, USA/Hawaii, Veterans for Peace
 Latin America – how far will NATO go?: Julieta Daza, Venzuela/Colombia, Juventud Rebelde, Campaign Stopp Air Base Ramstein
 Russia is still a NATO target – flashpoint Ukraine: Reiner Braun, Germany, IPB
 NATO in Africa: Alain Rouy, France, Movement de la Paix (tbc)

Moderation: Sara Medi Jones, UK, CND

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