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Archetypal Energies in Animus and Anima with Dr. Katherine Hirsh
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Jung chose the inner feminine (anima) and inner masculine (animus) as key symbolic representations of the “not-me” aspects of self. They appear in our dreams, as projections, and have been linked to our typology via the Inferior Function. Given gender roles and gender identification are now seen as more about options and continua than givens or binaries, how should we re-imagine these figures for our own time? Let’s explore how we can take this idea of an energetic and evolving relationship to the “other” and ground it in concepts that speak to each of us in terms of growth, renewal, and regeneration rather than restricting or inhibiting our development.


“The animus and anima should function as a bridge, or a door, leading to the images of the collective unconscious, as the persona should be a sort of bridge into the world.”

C.G. Jung, Unpublished Seminar Notes. “Visions” I, p.116 as cited in C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p. 392

How do you feel you connect to the collective unconscious? How do you feel you connect to the world? Find or construct an image to represent your persona and how it connects you to the world and a second to represent your animus/a and how it connects you to the collective unconscious. You may find it helpful to use the bridge and/or the door mentioned by Jung as inspiration for creating your images.


Oct 16, 2021 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)
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