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The social art collective ImagineAction is presenting and inviting us to a three-day journey connecting to Glasgow on the ground from the world as we are celebrating Fridays for action. From the darkest night in India celebrating the festival of the lights, Deepavali.

We will witness Deepavali images from the dark listening to a story and continue the journey to the sunrise in Australia meeting the ocean at 6.50 p.m. GMT/Uk time.

Sharing from our local places to our global ecosystem, we celebrate cultural diversity on this one blue planet, where we are moving bodies affected by the sun and the moon like the tides, like whales travelling through Australia from the great barrier reef to Antarctica. Share with us from your local area, from where you are. We all become midwives of the birth of new narratives of transitions, the blue planet and a climate just future.

Times of opening event:  

Glasgow: 4 November 6 pm UK Time
Equivalent to:
Australia morning 5 November, 5 am AEST 
India evening 4 November 11:30 pm IST
US Pacific coast: 4 November 11 am PST
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