Meeting Register Page

:Yoga in French- WEDNESDAYS @ 8:30am PST-17:30h France
- If less than 3 students signed-up one hour before class the class will be canceled

- Class taught in French

- Financial Participation: <15Euros - 25 Euros>Suggested ( you can make a payment for 5 classes at once)- Ways to donate:
Venmo: Anne Barbaret (AnneBYoga); or Paypal: Paypal/annebarbaret; or Zelle: 415 503 8245 &; TransferWise: annebarbaret & 415-503-8245; or Cash & Check (made to anne barbaret)

- Please get in the meeting 10 to 15 minutes early so that you get in! and that you get your set up n such a way that I can see you on your mat as best as possible.

- Get familiar with the screen: pin/unpin- speaker view: view to see the teacher- sound check- mute/unmute

- You want to see and hear the teacher (me!) and I want to see you on your mat in your poses (I know it can be tricky if I have you on the floor or standing or if the room you are in does not have the depth- Placing your device on a height and tilting the screen is one of the tricks)

- If you don't have any yoga props, have some firm cushions/blankets= to sit on, a chair (any chair) and books= blocks, a kitchen towel/towel= strap

- Be safe: un mute yourself and tell me if something does not feel right, or just come out of the pose and do child pose while the others finish up

- Class is about 1.15 hour